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"incubator" is a musical platform founded by TEN KA aka deniss pashkevich and dj2b aka aldis bušs. it's located in riga, LV at the art space "kinetic" that is founded by dj2b. "incubator" shares experiences about the interaction of acoustic and electronic music. it focuses on the application of various technologies, creating modern rhythmic compositions with improvisation techniques on analog and acoustic instruments.


"incubator" develops creativity and promotes the exchange of information, where musicians, artists, producers and other creative persons come together on a platform, sharing their skills and knowledge, jointly generating ideas, improvising, and discussing it


artistic director of the "incubator" TEN KA (deniss pashkevich) known as a pioneer from Latvia in this modular scene, who synthesizes the sound of acoustic instruments and analog synthesizers, creating electro acoustic soundscapes that we call "modular jazz" that is musical genre founded by deniss pashkevich.

dj2b (aldis bušs) is the founder and promoter of "kinetic", which through techno music creates a community - a platform for music performance.

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